Edit Transcript

 To learn about editing your transcript in the Review Tool, read the steps below or view our updated Review Tool video.

Step 1 - Launch The Review Tool

Click the “Open Review Tool” button on the project page. The Review Tool will open in a new tab of your browser.



NOTE: You must have a current version of the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed to use the Review Tool.


Step 2 - Select Portion to Edit

 Click on the word or punctuation mark that you wish to edit on your transcript.

To activate the Edit box, you can click the "Edit Text" button on the left side of your screen.


You can also use the icon that appears on the transcript.


Step 3 - Make Changes & Save

Make your changes in the text box. Clicking “Replace” will modify the transcript accordingly, and clicking “Cancel” will return to your transcript without making any changes.


SyncWords re-syncs the area around your edit. By default it performs the re-sync automatically, but you can select the portion for re-sync yourself by changing the “Retime Radius” setting to “Manual.” For more information, see our “Retime Radius” support post.


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