Review Tool Features

Please Note: The Review Tool will only work in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows and Safari on Mac as the plugin architecture that Silverlight relies on is no longer supported in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

With SyncWords’ Review Tool, you can view the transcript while listening along to the audio. Words on the transcript are highlighted in time with the audio, indicating where captions have been synced. 

The features below improve ease of playback and locating specific sections or start/end points of audio.

You can also view our updated Review Tool video to see how the features work in real-time.


Spectrogram: Shows a visual representation of sound variations in the audio. It simplifies the process of identifying the exact moment that a sound begins and makes it easy to discern human voices from background noise.


Play/Pause Button: Toggles between Play and Pause to start or stop the audio and the bar on the spectrogram. When you pause the audio, the highlighting of words on the transcript will pause as well.

Screen_Shot_2013-09-18_at_2.10.50_PM.png Screen_Shot_2013-09-18_at_2.10.59_PM.png


Play From Transcript: You can also select a specific word on your transcript to play audio from that point. When you click on any word, you will see the time change in the “Begin playing from” button on the left.

To play from that point, you can click the “Begin playing from” button or double click the selected word on the transcript.


Audio Navigation Buttons: Allow you to jump five seconds forward or backward from a selected point.


 Timing Bar: The vertical yellow bar on the spectrogram shows the precise timing of each audio moment. To navigate to a different section of the audio, move your cursor to the appropriate point on the spectrogram and click to place the Timing Bar.

Preview Buttons: On either side of the Timing Bar there are arrows that allow you to preview the previous or following second of audio. These preview buttons allow for extra precision when using Start and End Anchors to re-sync.

Zoom Buttons: Allow you to view the spectrogram in greater or lesser detail. Zoom in for pinpoint accuracy in identifying where sounds begin and how loud they are, or zoom out for an overview of the entire project.


Volume Bar: Drag to increase or decrease the playback volume.


Speed Control: Drag to play the audio at a faster or slower rate. To access the speed control bar, click the Speed Control Button below the Zoom Buttons (by default it will read 1.00x.)


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