Speaker Labels

Speaker Labels are visual cues that let a media viewer discern who is speaking. Like Cues, Speaker Labels are not actually spoken. Speaker Labels appear as red text in the Review Tool.

If you place a colon after a Speaker Label in your transcript, SyncWords will usually identify it and label it appropriately. Still, you are able to add Speaker Labels using the Review Tool.

To learn how to add Speaker Labels, read the steps below or view our updated Review Tool video

Step 1 - Launch the Review Tool

Click the “Open Review Tool” button on the project page. The Review Tool will open in a new tab of your browser. 

NOTE: You must be running Safari or Internet Explorer and have a current version of the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed to use the Review Tool.




Step 2 - Select the Speaker

Click the word that you want to identify as a Speaker Label. When it is highlighted, you can click the Speaker Label button on the left side of the screen.

You can also click the Speaker Label button on the icon bar above the highlighted word.

 SyncWords will re-sync on the fly to ensure that any new Labels do not affect the timing of words surrounding the change.


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