Create New Project

 Log in to SyncWords to access your Dashboard. The Dashboard is the command central of your account, where you can view the statuses of your projects, search projects by keyword, and create new projects.




Begin New Project

Click the “+ New Project” button in the upper right corner of your Dashboard.



Step 1 - Project Name and Tags

The Create New Project page will prompt you to name your project. There are additional fields for optional project descriptions and tags. These are useful for providing valuable information and categorizing projects.

Both of these fields are fully searchable, so including relevant keywords can help you find specific projects at a later time.




Step 2 - Upload Media

You can chose one of two ways to provide your media file - using a traditional uploader or linking your media via web URL.

Upload the audio or video file that you want to caption by choosing I have a file to upload. You can select any media file from your local disc.

Alternatively, you can ingest your media files via web URL from YouTube, Dropbox, iCloud and others and we’ll download it for you. Simply paste your link here and click upload to the right. Direct links to your media from most cloud based providers are accepted. SyncWords support all major video and audio formats.




Step 3 - Transcription Options

If you already have a transcript prepared, you can upload it by clicking I have a file to upload. We support doc, docx, odt, and txt transcript files. Additionally, we support .SCC and.SRT caption ingestion as well.

If you would prefer to paste the transcript directly into SyncWords, you can do so by clicking "I would like to copy and paste my transcript." You can then paste your transcript in the field provided. Click Analyze Transcript and SyncWords will quickly inspect the properties of your transcript and list them below.



SyncWords also offers professional, high-quality transcription services. To take advantage of this service, select the No, I don’t have a transcript option and choose either Standard Transcription (3-4 business days) or Rush Transcription (2 business days).

Below that, you can provide notes and support documents for the transcriber, including the correct spelling of names, acronym definitions, and general guidance. You may also upload any available support documents, such as a syllabus, agenda, or cast/speaker list.

Click here for best practices on creating transcripts.





Step 4 - ProSync (Optional)



Step 5 - Review Costs & Begin Project

When you have completed the steps above you will be ready to begin the project. Review the project summary on the right of the page and select Begin Project.


On your Dashboard, your project will be marked in orange indicating that it's Processing while SyncWords generates your captions. When it turns green, your captions are ready for download.



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