Adding Captions to YouTube

Step 1 - Save sbv File

Once you have processed your video through SyncWords, open the Project Page and scroll down to the Select Output File Types section and check off and download a .sbv file, the most compatible file type with YouTube. See the Create a New Project and How to Output Captions on how to upload you media, customize your caption style, and save files to your local disc.


Step 2 - Log in to YouTube

Log in to your YouTube account


expand the drop down menu by clicking the arrow next to your account name at the top of the page and select 'Video Manager'



Step 3 - Edit Video

Click the 'Edit' button next to the video you want to add captions to. Navigate to the Captions Tab and click the 'Add new track' button.



Step 4 - Add Captions

Select 'Upload a file' from the drop down menu.


and Upload file on the Track page


A dialog window will open up, navigate to the .sbv file that you saved on your computer in Step 1, and click 'Open' to load the captions.


Now when viewers watch this YouTube video they will be able to toggle captions on and off at their preference.



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