Adding Captions to Windows Media Player on Your Local Disc

Step 1 - Save smi File

Once you have processed your video through SyncWords, open the Project Page and scroll down to the Select Output File Types section and check off and download a .smi file, the most compatible file type with Windows Media Player. See the Create a New Project and How to Output Captions on how to upload your media, customize your caption style, and save files to your local disc.



Step 2 - Save in the Same Directory

Save your caption file in the same folder as your video. SyncWords will automatically name your caption file after the media that you uploaded, but ensure that both the media file and the caption file have the same root name, otherwise Windows Media Player will not recognize that the captions are associated with that video.


Step 3 - Turn on Captions in WMP

Depending on the version of Windows Media player you are using, the navigation to captions may be slightly different. Generally speaking, under the View menu, select Captions or View, then Now Playing Tools, and select Captions.

In Windows Media Player 9 or newer, select the Play drop down menu, select Lyrics, Captions and Subtitles, and set to On if Available (or English).




In Windows Media Player 10, you may have to enable local captions in order to view the caption file. You can do that through the Tools menu, select Options,  Security, and then check the Show local captions box.




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