Frequently Asked Questions About Transcripts

How accurate are your transcripts?

Our transcripts are generally in the 98-99% accuracy range. The audio quality we're working with really determines the final result. 98-99% would apply to just about anything audible, and 99%+ if we're dealing with very clear sources.

Do your transcripts adhere to specific guidelines?

Yes, all of our transcripts follow the Chicago Manual of Style for transcription. If you would like your transcript to follow another style please contact us.

Can you handle technical or specialized content?

Our transcribers are more than capable of transcribing technical or specialized content. Of course adding relevant vocabulary and additional instructions along with your file upload will help our transcriptionists. Rates may vary depending upon the complexity of the material.

How do I add relevant vocabulary?

When you choose the Transcribe For Me option on your project page you have the option of attaching a supporting document(s) and/or providing notes for the transcriptionist.

How quickly will I get my transcript?

That depends on what option you choose. The standard turnaround time is 3 – 4 business days. We also offer a Rushed Transcript service that will get you a transcript within 48 hours.

How much does it cost to have SyncWords generate a transcript?

Standard transcription (3 – 4 business days) costs $1.65 per media minute. Rushed transcription (2 business days) costs $2.25 per media minute. For difficult audio add $0.40 per media minute.

What is difficult audio?

Difficult audio is defined as audio that contains significant background noise, loud music, heavy speaker accents, multiple speakers with rapid exchanges, or very poor recording quality.


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