Change User Permissions (For Enterprise Administrators)

As an Enterprise Administrator, you can control the permissions of the non-administrative Users for your account. You can decide whether users are able to download media/transcript files and captions.


Step 1 - Navigate to Authorized Users

On the Dashboard, click “My Account” on the top menu and select “Authorized Users” from the dropdown list.


Step 2 - Select "Edit User"

Locate the user whose permissions you would like to change. In the “Actions” column, select the left button to edit the User account.


The center button in the “Actions” column will delete the User’s account, while the button on the right will allow you to reset the password.

Step 3 - Edit Permissions

You can easily find and edit permissions in the Permissions & Access tab. Restrict or grant user access to the following: API information, billing, account management of other users, as well as the ability to download project files, captions and creation/archival/deletion of projects. 



Uncheck the appropriate box if you so choose, and click the “Save Changes” button to apply these settings to the User account.


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