Retime Radius Settings

The Retime Radius tool is set to Automatic by default, meaning that SyncWords will select which surrounding words to re-sync each time you make a change in the Review Tool.

 If you set the Retime Radius to Manual, you will be prompted to select a radius to retime each time you make a change.


Step 1-Launch the Review Tool 

Click the “Open Review Tool” button on the project page. The Review Tool will open in a new tab of your browser.


NOTE: You must have a current version of the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed to use the Review Tool.

Step 2-Select Retime Radius Settings

At the bottom of the box on the left side of the screen, you can choose “Automatic” or “Manual” from the “Retime Radius” dropdown menu.

If you select "Manual," you will select a retiming radius each time you make an edit to the timing or transcript.

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